SwapSwop is a cryptocurrency exchange platform


    We think it’s best to have one mail for everything at once. Therefore, you can email us with any questions at henlo@swapswop.io, and we will answer you as soon as possible.

    But wait a minute, if you have questions regarding your exchange, it is better to email the support team directly at support@swapswop.io. They will sort things out for you in no time. They barely even sleep. The voices in their heads won’t let them.

    Oh, you want to chat about marketing activities or PR stuff? Say no more, marketing@swapswop.io and pr@swapswop.io are here for you. Choose your fighter.

    Last (but not least). If you have questions concerning our privacy policy or terms of use, email us at legal@swapswop.io and get the answers in no time.