SwapSwop is a cryptocurrency exchange platform

    How it works

    If you’re puzzled and have no idea how to exchange your crypto at SwapSwop, here’s a guide to make your life easier.

    1. Choose the cryptocurrency that you want to exchange. You can use the drop-down menu or just type it in along with the amount.
    2. Select the crypto you want to receive. The approximate amount will be calculated automatically. All fees are included. Please note that the amount may vary depending on the state of the market.
    3. Click the Exchange button, enter your receiving address and click the Exchange button again.
    4. On the next screen, you will find your transaction ID and the pay-in address. Send your crypto to this address. To do it, follow the instructions of your crypto wallet.
    5. Then you will have to wait a little while we exchange your crypto. The status bar will show the progress of your transaction. When your swap is finished, you will see the status change to Completed.

    After this, you may rate us on Trustpilot. If anything seems weird, please let us know by email support@swapswop.io